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Open-Deck Wood Dollies: Benefits For Material Handling

If you're looking for an incredible material handling solution that makes it easy to transport different materials around a work site, then you might invest in open-deck wood dollies. They offer so many benefits.

Support Large Materials

Eventually, you might have to move some fairly large materials around your work facility. It might be large sheets of metal or steel piping. Well, since open-deck wood dollies are completely flat, you can easily support large materials on these solutions.

You don't have any spatial limitations as long as you have the ability to maintain control of the load while it moves on this dolly. This capability is key because it saves you from getting multiple material handling solutions. You can use this dolly over and over, regardless of what materials need to be transported around your work area. 

Solid Wood Construction

Open-deck wood dollies are naturally made out of wood, but it's a structurally sound wood variety that can hold up a long time. You can thus get many years out of this material handling solution. You can also support a lot of weight on this dolly and not face damage.

Even more, you can enhance the durability of this dolly if you get a model with wood that has been treated with a coating. Then it shouldn't be prone to chipping, warping, or rotting over time. You'll still need to maintain said material handling solution but won't have to go out of your way to do so.

Smooth Finish

If you have to transport delicate materials that could easily sustain damage if they are handled the wrong way, then an open-deck wood dolly is the perfect material handling solution for your work site. It has a smooth surface, and this is key for keeping materials in optimal condition.

Even if the materials move around slightly on the dolly, surface scratches and dings won't materialize. You can thus protect sensitive materials, saving your company replacement costs that might otherwise come from moving solutions that had rough surfaces. You'll just want to make sure materials are loaded properly onto this solution before moving it at all. 

If you want to support materials and transport them in a methodical manner around a work area, such as a warehouse, then you can get an open-deck wood dolly. It might not seem like much, but when put into action, it can glide smoothly and support a lot of weight. 

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