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Rental Industrial Boilers: Available Options

Are you considering working with boiler rental companies in the future and are unfamiliar with the machines they offer? If you are, you're in the right place. But, first, you should know that renting a boiler comes with many benefits, including minimum maintenance needs and additional expert support. Besides, in-house systems often break down unexpectedly, leading to costly downtimes and delays. Emergency rental boilers allow you to avoid that by stepping in and powering operations while repairs or servicing are underway. Some of the industrial boilers that most rental companies put at your disposal today are listed below.

1.       Trailer-mounted boilers

A trailer-mounted boiler can either be a water tube or firetube boiler secured to a trailer. This feature allows rental companies to move, install, and quickly start them up anywhere, allowing industrial facilities to resume normal operations within no time. Plus, experts service them regularly to ensure they are in tip-top shape and better positioned to serve any emergency needs you may have within short notice. If you are worried these machines may be unavailable in your area, don't be. The reason is legal authorities in the United States allow rental companies to transport trailer-mounted boilers on highways. That helps them avoid the issues associated with expensive and time-consuming railway transport.  And note that if your organization requires more than one boiler, technicians can install several trailer-mounted boilers that you can use to meet significantly higher steam needs.

2.       Skid-mounted boilers

If you want equipment with all the essential accessories you need to make a complete boiler system; a skid-mounted boiler is worth your consideration. These devices are suitable for various boiler-related applications in the food and beverage, commercial laundry, pharmaceutical, textile, and packaging industries. They are also ideal for situations requiring temporary, economical solutions. However, reputable rental companies also provide equipment for long-term use. Since most of these boilers are compact-sized, you can use them to power operations in an environment with limited available space. That is also possible because skid-mounted boilers have no running gear or extensive housings that will likely eat up more space than necessary.

3.       Mobile boiler rooms

Typical mobile boiler rooms are trailer-mounted containers or vans legally transportable on most highways. The containers or vans associated with mobile boiler rooms are custom-designed to house the components a steam plant needs to run efficiently. That means a rental mobile boiler room encompasses a feedwater system, chemical feed system, valving, controls, and water softener systems, among other vital elements. Today, many industries choose these boiler systems because they are fully enclosed and can withstand inclement conditions like heavy rain and hail. In addition, these machines don't need special foundations and are aesthetically pleasing.