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Steam Trap Problems: Find Them Before They Fail

If the steam traps in your industrial boilers fail time and time again, you want to find a way to stop the problems before they begin. Steam traps remove air and condensation from your boilers. If the traps fail, your boilers won't produce enough steam. Learn how you can find the problems in your steam traps below.

What Causes Steam Traps to Fail?

Steam traps are some of the most important components in your industrial boilers. Traps should collect air and condensation from water before it converts into steam. Traps also contain or hold steam until it condensates and loses some of its heat. If any of your traps fail to function properly, your boilers will either lose steam or not make enough of it. 

A number of problems can lead to failed traps, including scale buildup and dirt. The contaminants can come from the water that circulates through your boilers, or they can come from boilers themselves. If you don't check the quality of your water or boilers, they can build up with debris and interfere with the traps.

One of the ways you can keep your traps from failing is to audit them and your boilers.

How Do You Keep Your Traps From Failing?

In order for you to audit your steam traps and boilers, you'll need to implement a combustion control system in your company. A combustion control system allows you to run detailed inspections, or audits, on every area of your boilers. The audits can detect a number of things, including:

  • contaminants in your water supply
  • damage in your boilers' water lines
  • irregularities in your steam traps

You can also use the system to manage your boilers better. The system may tell you when to maintain your boilers so that they don't encounter problems with their traps later. You may also use the system to evaluate the condition of your boilers, including the equipment used to support the structures.

You want to have an industrial equipment and supply company evaluate, set up, and install your combustion system for you. The setup for your combustion control system may be difficult to complete on your own. The system may also require you to install technology you may or may not be familiar with, such as integrated control features. You also need to upgrade parts of your boilers before you install a combustion system, including the traps.

Learn how you can keep your steam traps from failing by contacting an industrial equipment and supply company today. Ask them about the controls integration work they provide.