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Custom Rubber Products: Is There Anything You Cannot Get?

Custom manufactured rubber products are exclusive items for which your company pays for and requests, but the custom rubber manufacturer retains the rights to resell your custom item to others. Undoubtedly, you are probably wondering just what you can and cannot get from such a company and a business partnership. Actually, there is virtually nothing you cannot get, to which the following examples and reasons attest.

Shoe Rubber for High Heels

Sounds a little crazy, does it not? After all, high-heeled women's shoes are known for not being very comfortable, and always causing foot problems. Yet, there it is; a product that some shoe designers are now using to make fashionable shoes more shock-absorbent and comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. Those who do not incorporate the shock-absorbing rubber into the shoes encourage you to buy "corrective" insoles for your high heels, which, by the way, are also made of rubber. 


Toys that bounce and toys that deflect from damage; these are usually the toys that require rubber. However, there are also toys that are waterproof, and toys that are stretchy but do not snap or break. These toys are all made of one form of rubber or another. If you can pour molten rubber into a toy mold/form, you can make it out of rubber. Custom toy molds are the key to making rubber and rubber-like toys en masse. Not only does it make toys nearly indestructible, but it also makes them very cheap and affordable. Toy manufacturers have been making rubber toys cheaply for years, and then charging several times what it cost to make, thus making a very nice profit in the bargain. 

Rubber Gaskets of Unusual Shapes and Sizes

If you are leaning toward a more industrial application of custom rubber products, do not forget that rubber gaskets are part of nearly every piece of equipment and machine and every pipeline in a factory. If you have two pipes that do not quite fill together fully, you can request that a custom rubber gasket be made to fit the two pipes in such a way as to manage the slight differences in size, and provide a nice, tight seal between the two sections of pipe. If you need an oval gasket, a square gasket, a gasket that is three inches thick, etc., then a custom rubber manufacturer is the company you ask.