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Tips For Homeowners Who Use Heating Oil To Warm Their Homes

Heating systems are essential during the winter, and many of these systems utilize heating oil to provide warmth. As with other mechanical systems, a heating system that uses oil for fuel will need to be properly maintained if it is to be able to safely and effectively heat the house.  

Protect The Heating Oil Storage Tank

The fuel storage tank is one of the parts of the system that is the easiest to overlook. Homeowners often fail to regularly inspect their fuel tank, and this can lead to issues such as leaks and corrosion. When these problems are able to develop unchecked, they can lead to significant performance decreases and other problems for the system. These problems are especially prevalent for above-ground storage tanks as they will be exposed to the full range and intensity of the weather.

Check The Fuel Filters For The Heater

As with any other type of petroleum-based fuel, heating oil can have impurities in it that will need to be filtered out so that they do not enter the mechanical parts of the heating system. Fuel filters are extremely effective at this task. However, they will lose effectiveness due to accumulating minerals, sediments, and other substances. At a minimum, the fuel filters should be checked at the start of each heating season. For optimal results, this filter should also be checked every couple of months when the heating system needs to be used on a regular basis. By keeping the fuel filters changed, you can ensure that they effectively stop sediments from entering your system while also helping to improve the efficiency of your heating fuel usage.

Track The Rate Of Fuel Use

Homeowners are often unaware of the rate at which their homes use heating oil. This can make it difficult to effectively estimate the amount of time before the home runs out of heating oil, and it can also make it harder for the homeowner to identify performance problems with the heating system that may need to be addressed. Making an effort to keep thorough records as to when you need to order more fuel will make it possible for you to calculate an estimated rate of fuel usage for the home. In situations where you notice that there has been a substantial increase in the amount of fuel that your home is using, you may want to schedule a service visit for the heating system to ensure that a malfunction is not contributing to this increase.