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3 Impactful Tips to Remember When Using Thread Gages

Thread gages play an important role in many sectors. They're designed to measure the pitch of screw and nut heads. If you plan on using these gages on a regular basis in your operations, these tips will ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Don't Force a Fit 

There are plenty of contractors out there that try forcing these thread gages onto screw heads that they need measured. Taking this approach could create too much force, and as a result, the threads could get stripped. Then, the screw head being measured may not work as it should anymore.

That's why it's so important to be gentle when applying these gages over screw and nut heads. If you don't get the proper fit the first time, keep changing out your gages until you find something that's optimal. Patience will ensure you don't have to replace a lot of your materials.

Identify Gauge Type Before Using

Before you start inserting various screws or nuts through thread gauges, it's important to know exactly what type of thread gauge you're working with. After all, not all thread gages are intended for the same types of nuts and screws. Thread gauges are typically classified into two categories: standard and specialized. 

Standard gages will work with a lot more screws and nuts as opposed to specialized gages. To find out what you have, search for them online by entering in relevant spec information. Once you know exactly what type of gauges you're using, you'll know more about what they're compatible with.

Practice Good Maintenance 

So that your thread gages always work as advertised when measuring various nuts and screw heads, you need to maintain them properly. This doesn't have to be that complex either. First and foremost, get in the habit of storing these gauges in a climate-controlled environment. After all, not all thread gages have a weatherproof design. Some will, in fact, rust if exposed to the elements outside. 

You should also clean your thread gages as often as you can. This will prevent residues and other particles from getting inside and affecting your gages' performance. These simple steps enable your thread gages to last for as long as possible. 

If you plan on using thread gages often to measure screw and nut heads, then make sure you know what protocol to follow. Even simple steps, such as proper maintenance, will help you avoid a lot of performance issues over the years.