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Three Separate Borescope Services You May Need At Some Point

Borescopes are unique pieces of equipment. They let you see inside spaces you may not be able to fit, or in places where the human body cannot go. In an industrial situation, that usually entails seeing inside other, larger pieces of equipment without taking that equipment apart all the way, or seeing into pipes and sewer drains to find clogs and problems. At some point or other, your plant is probably going to need one or more of the following borescope services.

Borescope Sales

Buying a borescope when you need one is always quite the task. This particular service involves first finding a company that sells borescopes, and then finding out how much it will cost to purchase a borescope. Shopping around for borescopes is not easy; it is not something that is sold in every hardware store in America. Once you find a couple of companies that sell these devices, comparison shopping quickly wheedles out which scopes you do not want to buy. 

Borescope Training

It is not as though people are natural-born borescope operators; far from that. These devices require quite a bit of training to use and manipulate through various small areas. Thankfully, most borescope sales companies are willing to send someone to your plant to show a select group of employees how to operate these devices. Make sure you have at least one or two employees on each shift at the plant participate in the training so that there is always one person on every shift that knows how to use the scope.

Borescope Repairs and Maintenance

Borescopes have to be maintained. This includes oiling certain parts, testing the head lamp, checking the scope's ability to bend backward on itself and move in all directions, and checking the computer screen inside the case to make sure it is not cracked or damaged in some way. When things are broken, you will need a professional borescope repair technician to fix the scope. This third and separate service is provided by a company technician, often sent from the manufacturer to look at the device. You cannot drop a borescope off at just any machine repair shop (unless that repair shop is connected to a borescope manufacturer in your town, and that is not likely). It has to be examined and repaired by someone who is fully qualified to make these repairs and successfully fix the broken scope's parts.