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What You Can Find At A Decommissioned Naval Vessel Auction That May Be Useful To Your Plant

People make the strangest discoveries and luckiest of purchases when they shop government auctions. Whether you go to a live auction (which is always best) or you go to a silent or online auction, you can actually find very useful things to buy, install in your industrial plant, and use almost immediately. Just for fun, take a look at the items you can find at an auction of a decommissioned and disassembled naval vessel that can easily work in your industrial plant. 

Fire Tube Boilers

Submarines and naval ships both utilize fire tube boilers. Fire tube boiler manufacturers have some pretty standard designs on these machines since they are not the primary source of heat or power for anything that a fire tube boiler would be used for. They are also extremely similar to the fire tube boilers found in many industrial plants, making them an almost universal piece of equipment.

If you find and want to purchase a fire tube boiler at this type of auction, you definitely should. It would only need a couple of slight modifications to work perfectly in your plant, and it would save you thousands of dollars in the process. If there is a naval engineer standing by to answer questions, definitely have him/her look the boiler over to make sure it is in decent working condition before you begin bidding on it. 

Fire Boxes and Incinerators

Running an industrial plant often means that you have a need to incinerate something or stoke a fire for production. Both of these pieces of equipment are common to naval vessels. Those on board use the incinerators to eliminate food waste and/or burn cloth items carrying dangerous contagions. The fire boxes are used to help heat the ship and keep things warm and toasty when in colder waters. Again, some slight modifications may be needed to use them in your plant, but considering the monetary savings, it is worth it. 

Stainless Steel Valves

Ships, and submarines especially, are filled with all kinds of stainless steel valves. Such valves resist rust and maintain consistency of expected functions in use. If these valves are available for sale at such an auction, you can be certain that they have been effectively inspected and found safe and usable. It is a great way to stock up on valves that you might need in your plant without breaking the company's proverbial piggy bank.