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Why Painted Refractory Coatings May Be Your Best Option

Whether you're building a backyard pizza oven or an industrial pottery kiln, making sure that the brick you use is properly protected from heat damage is essential. Refractory coatings are a great way to do this, as they are designed to create a high-heat barrier. Before you start planning your project, you need to consider what type of coating you're going to use for this protection. Paint-on refractory coatings are a great investment. Here are a few reasons to consider one of them.

Easy Application

Painted refractory coatings are simple to apply. They are applied in the same manner as house paint, forming an even, thorough layer on the brick surface. This is important because that application allows for a complete and strong bond between the brick and the coating.

The strong bond helps to ensure the longevity of your coating. You won't have to worry so much about bubbles beneath the coating because it is painted on instead of being sprayed on or applied in any other manner.

Consistent Coverage

Painted refractory coatings make it easier for you to get consistent, even coverage from the application. When you use a spray-on coating, you cannot guarantee that you are getting the same level of coverage across the entire surface. There may be areas that get thicker coatings than others, resulting in uneven protection.

Those thin areas make the structure more vulnerable to heat damage, which can threaten the integrity of the entire coating. With painted coatings, you do not have this same concern. You have full control over how thick and how evenly the coating is distributed.

Expansion Matching

Painted coatings have a natural level of flexibility to the final coating. This flexibility is essential, as it contributes to the thermal expansion required. As things get hot, they expand. If your coating doesn't expand at the same rate as the base material, you're going to experience cracking and separation of the coating.

With painted refractory coatings, you can choose a product that has the same expansion properties as the material that you are covering, helping to ensure that the coating moves with the base material instead of independently.

As you can see, painted refractory coatings are a great option. Talk with suppliers of industrial brick refractory coatings to find out what your options are. Explain what you are looking to protect and what features you need from the coating, and then explore the choices that are the best fit for your needs.